I lost my shoe


I walked out of the door. I saw a tiny red jelly bean. I briefly thought about eating it, but realized it did not meet the three second rule. The bright red oval called for my attention. I turned around and went back. I got down on my knees and saw at once that it was not a jelly bean, but a tiny little shoe.

I saw at once the the tiny naked foot with no red shoe, and a doll unable to stand without toppling over due to the imbalance. I thought of poor Cinderalla running away from her prince because she was afraid to be seen as she really was, realizing she would be judged by her tattered clothes and not her sterling character. All the fears of the haves and the have nots wrapped up in that moment. I was wondering if the reason this story has endured is because of this one moment-when the fear of transparency leads to shame , fleeing and hiding. We live in an ungracious time and the consequences seem to be impacting us all.

Then all at once I thought about my sock. I have this sock that I really love. Due to my blood clot I wear support socks. They do not have many attractive choices. I bought a dozen pair of ordinary black socks just to mitigate the predictable sock loss of life. I, however, did find some stylish socks that meet my support needs. I bought four pair—colored stripes, polka dots, argyle and color blocked.

My favorite pair (colors blocked) is no longer a pair, but a solo. I have searched high and low in hopes to find my sock. I have checked in suitcases, sock drawers and the lint filter. Knowing about static cling I have checked blankets and towels. It cannot be found. I have kept the sock out on the top of my dresser reminding myself each day to search again. Sometimes I’m too tired. Sometimes I can’t figure out where to look next. Sometimes it makes me sad.

Jesus tells a story about a woman who lost a coin and searches till she finds it. I am going to keep searching. Its not a very important search to find a sock. I can replace it.

Searching to find each other is important—to see each other truly. To love each other fully regardless of the prejudicial issues of the day (race, gender, economics . . .). Why do we hide from each other? Because we don’t have a culture of love and trust. I am too afraid to show you my whole self, warts and all, because too many people are willing to judge and destroy.

When people met Jesus he loved them as they were and people were transparent with him. They did not have to hide. Oh that when people meet us they felt that love and acceptance.