I looked out into the backyard and saw a flash of white. I could not figure what the dogs had gotten into and then dragged around the yard, but I intend to find out. I took three long steps to the door, grabbed the handle and was about to raise my voice when I saw the mushroom. It was a traditional mushroom tall slender base with a umbrella like top. It was delicate and fancy. The dogs walked back and forth past it with very little interest.

Later we were on a walk in Cain Park. I was trying to figure out how to walk around the park, but stay in the shade. It made for a Family Circus route (click here to see one of those old comics). There in one of the shady spots was this round thing. At first it looked like a golf ball, but on examination it was not. The deep structure looked like repeating heptagons. I’m not sure what it was, but it was elegant. The light fell on it and made it glow. The dogs passed with little interest.

Beauty and wonder are categories that make us human. We see things that delight us, that intrigue us, that brings us the simple joy of observation. I called Cindy on the phone as I walked out of the sanctuary toward the ROC, “Hey come outside and look at the clouds, they are amazing!” The intricate color only lasted a few minutes, but it filled me up. I good friend posted a photograph of clouds that was spot on a T-REx (his nickname) and it made me laugh out loud.

We have been taught to stop and smell the flowers, but I would add, stop and stare at the mushrooms, lie down and dream about the clouds, pause and consider the intricate structures. It really is a beautiful world.