Last week in my sermon I talked about the legacy of peach loving that my mother gave to me. I brought a fresh peach with me. The smell was intoxicating. I borrowed the peach from Cindy. Her Dad had given it to her. He told her, "This is a great peach and it does not deserve anything other than the very best. Wait until you can eat it with Blue Bell."

She drove it back from Tyler with high hopes. We did not have time to eat it on Saturday and had pinned our hopes for it on Sunday. I forgot it after my sermon and left it in the ROC. Fortunately Cindy remembered it and got it during chair stacking. We went to eat lunch and decided that we could not leave it in the car or it would get roasted. We put it on the table as if it was a center piece. It was a beautiful peach.

After lunch, Cindy headed home, I went to drop off one of the boys at their car back at the church. When I got about 3/4 of the way home Cindy called and asked me if I had the peach. I turned the car around and headed back to the restaurant while she called to see if they still had our table decoration. I pulled up with a little trepidation, but could see our peach on the counter. The waiter caught my eye and proudly held it aloft. I explained that it was a special peach. It had been given to us by my father-in-law.

Later that night, I ate my portion of the peach with Blue Bell. It was perfect. I saw on facebook that the Bluebell flavor of peaches and homemade vanilla is back in stores after a two year absence. It can not substitute for the real thing. 

Too often we accept substitutes for reality. How is your relationship with the Father? In what ways are you pursuing his mind and his heart for your life? God has not gone anywhere, but is patiently waitng for you.