Here is your sign

I go in the vehicle. I saw the sign. I saw the cup. I took the picture.

The sign could not be any clearer. The cup unquestionably was a drink. It was in the vehicle. This is no "grey area." There was a clear disregard for the rule. Let's say you are a "spirit of the rules" kind of person, then you read the rule as "No spills will be acceptable in this car." The simplest way to achieve that is to have no cups in the car, but I can see the logic of the person who thinks, I am not the kind of person who spills. Therefore, I can have a cup in the car. Unfortunately, it is still a fail. There is no lid on the cup. It would be easy for a simple turn or an urgent stop to send liquid over the edge of the cup. 

When you see a rule, when you hear a rule, what do you think? Are you trying to adjust to the rule or avoid the rule? Do you only follow the rules you like or agree with?

The people saw me taking the picture. They said, "That sign was put up by the previous management." I assume that means they did not agree with the rule, therefore it was ok that they were ignoring it. I wondered to myself, "Why not just get rid of the sign, it is only held in place with tape?" Upon clarification, they affirmed that other people were bound by the sign, just not them. 

What are the rules, the laws, the truths that apply to our lives that are in force whether we agree with them or not? I can say I want to float here, but the law of gravity does not care and exerts itself over my life. I can say, I don't need to rest, but your body will arrange down time for you even if it comes as a heart attack. You can cheat your family time, but time and truth will walk hand in hand and you will eventually be left alone by the people you leave alone. You can lead your family to put other things before God (sports, family time, rest, the Sunday morning paper), and the consequences will seem to be minimal. The truth, however, is that you cannot violate God's eternal, unchanging principle (6 days on 1 day off -remember the sabbath day and keep it holy) without terribly destructive consequences. 

In over 38 years of ministry I have never met someone who regretting giving up something (a sporting event, extra sleep, more rest) for a real relationship with God in corporate worship. I, however, have met many people who grieve that their children and grand children have nothing to do with church. I have met many people who realize too late that they taught their children that church was common and they were willing to sacrifice corporate worship for almost any diversion. I have met many people who know that they did not lead their family in the way God expects. The cumulative effect of ignoring God's command, "Do not give up meeting together" (Heb 10:25) is painful and real. As we approach a new season with the beginning of school, make a concerted effort and real choice to honor God, his bride, his body and his family this year. Gather with his people every week for corporate worship. The rule applies to you.