An Unexpected Encounter

Nature has its ways of surprising us in fascinating fashion. Just to sit, listen, and watch always has its way of drawing us into its beauty. The last month or so, we have had a daily encounter with a baby coyote out on the ranch. For a while, it seemed like every day as we were on our morning commute, there he is running down the road. At first, it startled me. If you’ve never seen a baby coyote they look very much like a small fox, or even a chihuahua. I wasn’t sure what he was doing so I slowed down and looked for his mother, who certainly wasn’t far off. But day after day, there he was and he was not afraid. Always alone, or seeming to be he was comfortable with us. He didn’t run away, and as you can see in the picture, he even would sit down in front of us in the road and just watch us as we watched him.


In the evenings, we sit on the porch and just enjoy everything about our surroundings. The sound of a storm rolling in, the wind as it passes the trees, the clucking of chickens, and the chirping of all sorts of birds, even the sound of coyotes calling out as they search for food in the evening. We are not alone. They are there doing what they all do to contribute to the symphony of nature.

It is a reminder that we are just as much a part of their ecosystem as we are of theirs. I used to think anytime you saw a coyote it was bad news. They certainly can be pests. But I’m beginning to change my mind. I went to see a movie called “Big Little Farm.” It follows a farm in California near the time of the fires last year. They had a coyote problem. The coyotes were getting into their chicken coops on their search for dinner. Throughout the movie, each “problem” they encounter eventually finds it’s solution in nature itself. When they put a dog with the chickens to guard them, they saw a decrease in their gopher problem as well as stopped the unwanted coyotes and foxes from ravaging their chicken coop. 

Coyotes, like this young one I’ve been watching have their place in nature. While they can become a problem, they are also part of the solution that God designed to keep our world working as it should. Just as the trees provide us oxygen to breath and a place for birds to perch, our little friend plays a similar role in helping to control the population of other small animals who are potentially, if not controlled, a problem. 

Sometimes, we see something and quickly jump to conclusions about whether or not they are something good or something bad. We can be quick to judge, quick to act and that can lead to making fast mistakes. Nature reminds us that we are a part of something much bigger, something so inspiring and so beautiful. 

I haven’t seen the little pup in a few weeks. I’ve wondered where he has gone. But I believe that he is probably out there doing his part. I will keep on doing mine as well.

Spend some time in creation this week. You might be surprised by what you will see.

This is my Father’s world. And to my listening ears, all nature sings and round me rings the music of the spheres,