What's in the stump?


I have a stump. It sits in my backyard. I think there is something inside of it. By that I mean, I think there must be a sculpture hidden inside of the wood and I am supposed to release it. I have this dream of using a chainsaw and carving away all the un important parts and leaving something amazing in its place.  Sometimes, not when it is this hot outside, I sit in the swing and look at it. 

I really want it to be a bear. I really want it to be standing on its legs and pawing toward the sky. Then if anyone ever breaks into our backyard at night, they might a shock as they see it in the darkness. I have a collection of bears. They sit on the shelf and make me smile when I look at them. We brought one that was bigger than the shelf and set it on the floor. Our dogs wigged out. They barked and growled. Eventually, they learned to ignore it. 

Im afraid that has happened to the stump. I have ignored it for a long time. Suddenly, this week, I was in the backyard and was reminded of the the encased image. I decided that I am going to take a series of pictures from different angles and then see it the silhouette might give me a clue of what is inside. 

It is easy to get used to something to the point of ignoring it. The stump is eight feet tall, but it barely makes a blip on my screen. The dogs walk past the wooden bear as if it is invisible. 

What are you ignoring? What have you seen so often that you do not see it any longer? Is there a behavior that you know you need to change, but have almost forgotten to fix it? Maybe take some time and try to see your life with new eyes and remember to get around to the things that really matter to you.