A Little Joy


I saw him behind a glass case. I knew instantly that I wanted him. He is a character from the new movie the Incredibles 2. He is the clear star of the movie. His name is Jack-Jack. The toy comes from a fast food place and its the first toy like that, that I have ever really wanted. I could tell that he hangs below and arm held by a magnet. What I could not tell at first is that his head has a tiny point on it and he spins freely in circles. 

He is sitting on my desk right now. He is very sensitive to vibrations. Each touch of my keyboard makes him quiver in the magnetic field. Its like he is moving super fast. He looks like he is laughing. Every so often I reach out and give him a spin. He loves it every time. 

The pressure of life has gotten a little much. the stress of the building project has reached maximum intensity and I can tell I need a little pressure to be relieved. I just need to focus on joy and peace. Jack-Jack just said it so well to me today. His upside-down stare and opened armed gesture was just what I needed. I think he might sit on my desk for a very long time.

I have a dear friend, Stan, and I called him this week and said, "I need to come see you. I need to get to the mountains and I need to hang out with you." We arranged to meet in Taos in a couple of weeks. It has already brightened my outlook. We pray for each other regularly and getting together nourishes my soul. He is a Jack-Jack. Everybody needs a little joy in their life. Everyone needs friends and the Lord for moments like this. 

When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought me joy. Ps 94:19