My batteries ran out, literally. I was trying to broadcast the NorthPole live on Facebook. It was an experiment, a fun oddity. I decided to do it dressed in a Reindeer costume. Then I decided to replace the lame antlers (fabric) that came with the costume with actual antlers. Several hours later I had a bicycle helmet covered in fox fur and sporting a nice set of deer antlers (no reindeer antlers were available).

Then I attached a special streaming camera to the back of the helmet. The contraption weighed a ton, but I gave a great image. I added colorful socks to because the costume was little short. I started walking around talking to people and welcoming them to the event. It was a blast.

The camera uses my phone to broadcast the image to Facebook. The camera has a large battery that is supposed to last six hours. My phone, however, needs to be recharged after a couple of hours of full time use. I had a battery hooked to he phone, but the connection kept coming undone. Eventually, the phone gave up.

I reconnected my phone to a portable battery and tapped it in place and then waited for the phone to get enough charge so I could start broadcasting again. That is when I shed my antlers. My neck was like jelly. Several of those muscles had not been used like that in years. Then my back was having spasms so I just rolled over and laid down.

That is the moment caught in the photo. It is such a confusing picture. I looks like pastor got run over by the jeep. I was told several times that I was brave to wear a deer costume during deer season and the a number of people would be interested in taking a buck like me if I would just step out into the woods. I stayed in the light and the parking lot.

The North Pole was such a great exhausting night. We had 333 volunteers and 1900 guests. Wow! I love working hard for something worth doing. I was so proud of our church and all the hard work people did.

After my battery recharged I put the helmet back on and started to broadcast. It was a great night. I say, work hard, rest well and make a difference.