Find a penny


I saw this penny on the floor. I thought long and hard about  leaning down to get it. Sometimes the effort does not seem to be worth the reward. I wondered what I was going to do with the penny. I already knew the answer. I was going to put it in the brass tray where I empty my pockets at the end of the day. It would sit there for a long time. Someday it might get counted. Someday it might get put back into use, but I can't remember the last time I picked up and handful of pennies and put them in my pocket. 

After our long brutal hike this summer, where not much seemed to go right, we shuffled back slowly to our tent about an hour after dark. We took off our packs, cooked a little dinner and then went straight to bed. The next morning dawned brightly. Birds came to visit our camp. We started to pack things back into the car. Cindy saw a penny lying on the ground behind the car.

"Look a penny, " she said. Logan deadpanned, "If only we could have found that yesterday." We all got a good laugh.  I wondered about the connection of pennies and good luck. Why do we hold on to such ideas? Where did they come from? What am I supposed to do?

I leaned down and picked up the penny. I put it in my pocket. I forgot to take it out. It is riding around in those pants right now. It's in that little pocket inside the right pocket. Eventually, it will join the other pennies in the brass tray.

While on vacation, i stopped in a gas station and was buying something. I need three pennies to keep from breaking a twenty. I checked my pockets, nothing. I looked for the penny tray, nothing. I have put so many pennies in those trays, but almost never gotten one out. Last week, I purchased something and the computer signing pad asked me about donating to some cause. I declined. Later, it happened again. This time the request was, "Would you like to round up and we will give the pennies away to a good cause?" I immediately checked, "Yes."

I'm for rounding up and giving the pennies away to good causes. It seems like a simple thing that I could do every day. Then we could do away with pennies and create lots of good. 

Our church has been pinching our pennies recently. We are behind in our giving. It happens sometimes in the summer. We are six months through our budget year and are about 3 weeks behind in our giving. We need a few more people to round-up, to give a little more to help us complete our God giving commitments for this year.