Bad hair day

I met the chicken in the petting zoo on the last day of VBS. I felt like I had met him before. I kept searching in my mind and I finally remembered an old photo that I had recently rediscovered. Yes, the chicken seems to be sporting a fro like I used to wear. In college, one of my nicknames was "Brillo Head."  I have naturally curly hair and when it gets long it wreaths my head in ringlets. My hair is out of control. It thinks it is going back to high school. 

I'm getting a haircut this week because it feels like in a few days my hair is going to completely overwhelm my head. How did this happen? I just haven't had enough time. 

I have been moving too fast for the last few weeks-since Easter- and have barely had time for reflection let alone haircuts. Easter, sanctuary move out, family campout, crusade, Ethiopia, family dedication, Intern arrival, Intern Orientation Tour, Sr. Adventure, Sr. Sunday, Memorial Day, Downtown Athens Leader Gathering, Youth Camp, VBS. And during the middle of this one of our cars got totaled and we have been down to Cindy and I sharing a car.  It feels like I've been spriting.

Does life ever get to be too much? I'm ready to get off the treadmill for a couple of days and tend to some of the not urgent but really important things in life. I've got a couple of books I really want to read that keep getting pushed to the bottom of my to do list. I really need to clean my gutters. I have to go find a car to buy. 

What is it that you are putting off, that needs your attention? Some of the things we can't hide for very long. If you put off haircuts everyone knows it. If you put off your spiritual life it takes longer before people start noticing. Time and truth walk hand in hand. Eventually, what you neglect will become obvious to all. Of course we all understand a hectic season, but we have to find a way to carve out sometime for the really important  things of life.