Light them up.

We officially turned the lights on the steeple on Easter Eve and we have gotten lots of compliments. Last Tuesday, we turned on the TVCC setting for the first time. The lights are capable of producing many different colors, we have not yet perfected maroon, but we continue to tinker with it. We have a number of different settings, which we showed at the fish fry. 

We have a setting to AISD, for ACPA, TVCC, Easter, St. Patrick's Day, Patriotic celebrations, Christmas and more are coming. We hope the steeple is both encouraging and fun. We want people who are looking to see if the Cardinals won to come looking to the steeple. We want people to see the steeple as a focal point of the community. Always, the cross will stand above it all to remind us that Christ is Lord of all.

We have not developed all the boundaries of the program, but at the moment think we will focus on varsity sports, on district games. Highs schools will get Friday nights, TVCC Saturdays, unless one of our holiday lightings preempts the school lighting. It is a work in progress.

Last Tuesday, the TVCC football team came and helped more the pews out for the renovation. It was hard work. Three pews had been stored in the attic and were like wrestling an alligator to get out of the tiny storage space. The football guys did fantastic work. Coach Poteet made that happen. They all deserve a big thank you. After they were finished, we took them outside in the front and told them thanks and that we were for them. We turned on the TVCC red setting and told them, "TVCC won tonight!"

I love it that we will get a chance to tell people we believe in them. Our website is may this be another way that we demonstrate to the love of Christ to our community.