First signs


For six months the sanctuary has been taken apart bit by bit. The pews have gone, the carpet is out, asbestos was abated, the back wall of the church is gone, mounds of trash has been hauled away, the organ chambers are cleared and being opened, doorways are widened and the floor has been jack hammered.  Up till now, it has been deconstruction to make room for the new construction. 

On Wednesday, concrete was poured for the new floor. This is the first of the refresh improvements. Late on Thursday, I snuck in and walked around on it. It felt so good. I walked in and out and was so proud of a church that would spend all this time, energy and money to create a handicapped accessible building. I can’t wait till everyone walks across the new threshold. 

Over the next few weeks, in increasing speed, things will begin to change in the sanctuary and it’s a very exciting time. 

The question is, “Have our hearts been through the same process?”  We’ve been praying that God will do a refreshing in our hearts. After watching the process so far, I’ve come to believe that lots of our work needs to be done in careful introspection. What is the hindrance keeping us from having full access to God? What do we need to remove? What is keeping us from hearing God clearly? We are praying for God to refresh our hearts in Christ. Lets keep clearing away hindrances and praying this prayer and expecting God to move in our midst.