United Kingdom

In 2005 our pastor, Dr. Kyle Henderson, traveled to Oxford England for sabbitical study.  There he met pastor Lawrence Ofori-Ansah from the African nation of Ghana.  Immediately they formed a friendship based on their shared evangelical spirit.  It was our intention to go to Ghana and help Lawrence establish new churches using our medical and optical teams to draw people together.  On the day that we were speaking to him on the phone about our first trip to Ghana, he told us that the Lord had called him to go to the United Kingdom and “return the Gospel to the country that had originally brought it to his.”

Joined with his wife Sarah and their three daughters, pastor Lawrence leads the Abundant Light Chapel in Brighton, England.  Each time Kyle or I travel to Latvia or Ethiopia we always try to make a point to allow time to visit them as we go. The future is encouraging for the church in Brighton.  It is my prayer that someday soon FBCA will send a couple to live in Brighton to be serving church members in the way that the Wimberley's serve in Latvia.  – Steve Akin, Minister of Missions

 If you would like to learn more about the work in the UK, please contact our minister of missions, Steve Akin.