High on the northern coast of Russia, on an ocean called the White Sea, is the city of Archangel.  There pastor Nikolai Devyatkin and his wife Tia lead the people at Archangel Baptist Church.  To say that pastor Nikolai leads just one congregation is an understatement of his work.  Once you meet Nikolai you know immediately that his enthusiasm for the Lord leads him to do so much more.  Pastor Nikolai serves as the Baptist “Bishop” over a region almost as large as Texas.  He travels to encourage other pastors who are in remote and sometimes isolated towns of that northern region.  

We support Nikolai and Tia through our Global Missions Offering and send teams to work with him from time to time.  Medical doctors have gone to Archangel to teach in the local medical school.  Three years ago I lead a group from our sister church in Latvia traveled to Archangel.  It was our first attempt in leading our Latvian friends to see themselves as missionaries.  It was a wonderful combination of culture and language.  We are praying that this partnership will continue in the future.  If you would like to learn more about the work in Russia, please contact our minister of missions, Steve Akin.