The Global Missions Offering Supports Missionaries

13 Missionary Families/8 Countries/3 Continents

2019 Goal: $70,000

The function of the Global Missions Offering is to support missionary families around the world. First Baptist Church, Athens has selected 13 missionary families in 8 different countries on 3 continents to work with, pray for, and help support financially. Each month FBCA distributes approximately $5,000 to these ministers.

The Global Missions Offering is not part of the general Church Budget nor part of the Church Mission Budget. It is only by your gifts to the GMO that these missionaries can receive our support. Thank you for your generous gifts.

Some of the missionaries FBCA supports are located in countries that are hostile to the Gospel and their names are not printed in this document. But click on the names below to learn about some of the families we support.

Steve Akin 

Minister of Missions

Mark & Laura Wimberley - Latvia

Jim & Viola Palmer - Ethiopia/Nicaragua                                                                 

Katie Leatherwood - Latvia

Nikolai & Tia Devyatkin - Russia

John & Sharon Gowan - guatemala 

Pastor Lawrence & Sarah Ansah- England

Bob & Rhonda Farley - Belize    

Ernesto & Olga Santiago - Mexico 

Undisclosed Name - North Africa

 Loyd & Alma Miguel - Nicaragua                                                   

Chuck & Alisha Donet- Undisclosed

Mihails Voronovs - Latvia

Sandra Clay - Germany