September 15

Saturday, meet at the ROC 7 AM





We will be having a day full of adventure where we can connect with others and connect with God!


We will meet at the ROC early in the morning and travel to a secret location! (about 1 hr 30 min away) You do not want to miss this wonderful opportunity to grow closer to God with your friends!


Authentic Youth

The Student Ministry of FBC Athens (Authentic Youth) exists for students and their families. We seek to provide an authentic place to grow, live, and struggle with faith. This is a safe spot for students to be real. We embrace our imperfections but believe God is calling each of us to a different way of being in this world. 

Weekly Activities

Sunday Mornings

Bible Fellowship Group (BFG) starts at 9:30 AM at the ROC. Students are divided by grade to discuss Biblical truths, led by intentional adults.


Wednesday Night service at the ROC, made for students, 6-12th grade, to have fun, and also connect with God. 
Doors open at 4:45 PM. Dinner starts at 6 PM. Service starts at 7 PM

Sunday Morning Curriculum

Follow along with our Sunday morning curriculum! Whether you missed a Sunday or would like to see what we have gone through so far, click below to see our BFG curriculum. 

Meet the Interns

We are so excited to have our interns here for the summer! They will be here from May 20th to August 12th. If you would like to host them for lunch fill out the form below!

  Anele Marichalar    School:  Baptist University of the Americas   Favorite Snack:  Trail Mix

Anele Marichalar

School: Baptist University of the Americas

Favorite Snack: Trail Mix

  Chey Davila    School:  Baptist University of the Americas   Favorite Snack:  Cheeze Itz

Chey Davila

School: Baptist University of the Americas

Favorite Snack: Cheeze Itz

  Mason Mikkelsen    School:  Texas A&M     Favorite Snack:  Rib Eye Steaks

Mason Mikkelsen

School: Texas A&M

Favorite Snack: Rib Eye Steaks

  Tanner Thompson    School:  Hardin Simmons University     Favorite Snack:  Goldfish

Tanner Thompson

School: Hardin Simmons University

Favorite Snack: Goldfish

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