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For the next the eight weeks we are doing a sermon series on the book of Psalms. In addition to this series of sermons we are challenging, those who are willing, to commit to reading the entire book of Psalms over these next eight weeks. In order to help facilitate this task we have created a blog, which will post four Psalms a day along with links to further reading on each Psalm.

We have timed these posts according to the Ancient Christian tradition of praying the the hours. This simply means that a Psalm will be posted early in the morning, around lunch, in the early evening, and the late evening. Admittedly, these are frequent blog posts, so to make it easier to engage with these scriptures we have offered an email sign up below.

By signing up below you will automatically receive an email each time and new Psalm is posted on the blog. It is our hope that these emails will be a gentle reminder and encouragement to engage in the scripture in these coming weeks. We encourage you to register below.

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