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Without Jesus, the values and culture of western civilization would not be as we know it today. Join us starting this Sunday as we learn how Jesus was a true Game Changer in our world. The series includes interviews from many thought leaders, professors, authors, and researchers as they look at the impact of the life and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth and his impact on the world as we know it. 

This small group series does not require you to be in a small group to take part. We want everyone to join us in this journey as we look at the life and teachings of Jesus. The first screening is this Sunday at the worship center at 5pm or in your small group locations. Visit https://www.olivetreemedia.com.au/jesus-the-game-changer/ to learn more about this incredible teaching series.

Small Group Dates

February 24 - Session 1

March 3 - Session 2

March 10 - No Small Group (Spring Break)

March 17 - Session 3

March 24 - Session 4

March 31 - No Small Group

April 7 - Session 5

April 14 - Session 6

Contact Community Pastor, Jaime Cortez at Jaime@lovingtheworld.com or 903-603-5330 for any questions.