Short-Term Mission Team Application

Full Name
Home Address
Please include city, state and zip code with home address.
Home Phone Number
Cell Phone Number
Work Phone Number
Email Address
Date of Birth
City/State of Birth
Citizenship/Country of Birth
Passport Number
Passport Issue Date
Passport Expiration Date
Emergency Contact Information
If married, please give your spouse's name
Please state any major illness(es) you have had in the last five years.
Please list any medications you are taking.
Do you have any health or physical limitations that should be considered in a foreign assignment?
Have you ever participated in a mission trip? If so, briefly describe your experience:
How do you feel about an assignment with rustic conditions, such as primitive toilets, a bath or shower only every few days, limited air conditioning or heat, or no option of western food?
Tell about your relationship with God. Begin by answering the following question: If you were asked, "Why should God let you into His heaven?" What would you say?
Are you a member of a local church? If so, what church?
Use this space to tell me anything else you would like for me to know about your spiritual life or about you personally?
List any ministries in which you may have recently been envolved:
Do you know what your Spiritual Gifts are? If so, list one or more here:
What special talents, abilities or training could you offer to be used in a missions setting?
How do you plan to pay for the mission trip cost?

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