Mexico – Coahuila

Desert Villages of Coahuila

South of Big Bend National Park is a remote section of the Coahuila desert. Here we have friends and brothers in Christ.  For our folks it is an exciting cultural encounter to visit these remote rustic Mestiso villages and see how these people live and work.  The villages have no running water, electricty or paved roads.  We usually visit one or two villages each day and in a short amount of time offer many ministries.  Of all the ministries we perform, the most important is to simply show up and share Christian love and brotherhood in the name of Jesus.  It is our goal to share the Gospel message and remind the believers in this stark and beautiful desert region that they are not alone in their faith.  When we arrive it is like having old friends come for a visit and it’s time for “Fiesta!”

Our ministries include:  Medical clinics, dental clincs, vision clinics, painting widows homes, construction, Vacation Bible Schools, fellowship meals, hair cutting, commodity distribution, family photos, evangelistic service, movies and any other ministry that the Lord leads us to fulfill.

The conditions are not harsh but they are rugged.  These villages are located in a high desert regin between two mountain  ranges where the average altitude is 5,000 feet above sea level.  In November when we usually go, the nights are cold but the days are warm.  We can choose to sleep in adobe buildings, tents or on the ground around a campfire.  A good hair washing every day is guaranteed and portable showers are available if needed.  It is a Holy “National Geographic” adventure.  I’d love to talk to you about joining one of our teams.

Steve Akin  –  Minister of Missions  903-675-5135 #113

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