In 1996, First Baptist Church entered into a “Sister Church” relationship with Baptist Church in Cesis, Latvia. Under the leadership of former IMB missionary Robert Tucker, we established a long term commitment to assist them in reaching their city for Christ. Cesis is a beautiful city of 20,000 people.

Most citizens are native Latvians but there are many naturalized Russians who immigrated during the Soviet occupation.

The relationship we have with our sister churches around the world is one of our highest priorities. Each year we assist in projects that will strengthen these churches as well as have an evangelistic effect on their communities.

Three years ago a couple from our church, Mark and Laura Wimberley, were commissioned by FBCA to serve as missionaries to the church in Cesis.  The Lord has blessed and for the first time in over 70 years the church has a wonderful facility of their own.  Mark and Laura serve as lay leaders of the church.

Their ministry includes weekly men’s and women’s Bible studies, youth Bible Studies, ministry in the local boy’s prison, host seasonal sports camps and help advance the work of Christ with other churches in the area.

Each year FBCA sends teams to serve with the Cesis church.  Sometimes these are youth sports camps combined with vacation Bible schools.  This year teams have begun to go to help renovate the new church buildings.

Plans for upcoming trips are usually announced in January but everyone is welcome to speak to me personally about plans for the next year.



Steve Akin, Minister of Missions



903-675-5135 #113


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