Optical Ministry

Ethiopia Optical Project 2011

Optical Ministry

This is how it started.  Many years ago as I was leading teams to minister among the Mestiso villages of the Coahuila Desert, I saw the great need for something as simple as a pair of reading glasses for people who lived in remote parts of the world.  Because of the normal occurance of optical condition called Presbyopea, adults begin to loose their ability to see clearly at close distances as they age.  As this condition progresses, they increasingly cannot see well enough to do work with small objects such as needles and tread or to read their Bible.  At first, I gave away my readers and began to buy more from dollar stores.  Then I learned about Lion’s Club International and used them as a source for inexpensive reading glasses.  This simple ministry of reading glasses has now grown to include thorough eye examinations and the fitting of prescription lenses.  Using professional autorefractors and with the leadership of skilled doctors of optometry, FBCA is now able to travel to any place in the world and help the people God loves see again.  I love the comparison of giving sight to the blind and the Bible reference to the statement of blind Bartimaeus, “I once was blind, but now I can see.”

Nicaragua Opticial Project 2012

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