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What if you were to go into your local grocery store wanting to buy a case of bottled water and you saw on the shelf a brand that invested in providing clean water in developing countries?  What if you discovered a brand that spent %100 of the company’s profit to bring clean water to people who have no access to pure drinking water?  That was the question that a FBCA physician asked himself on just such a visit to our local Brookshires store.

This question began a search and a mission to bring just such a product to the market place.

The facts from the World Health Organization tell us that 1.2 Billion people world wide have no access to pure water.  That 4 million people die every year from water-borne illnesses.  It is estimated a child dies somewhere in the world every 15 seconds of a water-bonre disease.  Under Christ, we can do something about this terrible problem.

Hope Springs Water is natural spring water bottled by Preimun Water of Fort Worth.

It is available today in several local venues.  Schools and churches that agree with the goal of Hope Springs Water are currently using this special water at events and in their concession stands.  Hopefully in the near future, it will be available at your local store.

Hope Springs Water will use the money it earns to drill water wells wherever needed throughout the world.  It will invest in pure water delivery systems and reclaim wells that have become unproductive because from lack of maintenance.  It will lead in sanitation projects that result from the availability of an ample water supply.  Join us in our mission.  Ask for it in your stores and then buy Hope Springs Water.

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