Chainsaw Disaster Relief

After the tsunami hit Indonesia in December of 2004, our church felt the need to become trained and active with Texas Baptist Men in disaster response .  That spring about forty men and women were trained and we were considering how we could help in the long term recovery in the far east.  Then, suddenly, Katrina hit New Orleans and we knew what we had prepared to do. 

During that hurricane season that brought us Katrina, Rita and Ike volunteers from FBCA traveled to towns with names like Bogalusa, Sidell, Hammond, Covington, New Orleans, Beaumont, Huntsville, Angleton, Alvin, Pearland, Rosharon and Galveston.  When the ice storms hit Oklahoma we helped in Oklahoma City and McAlester.

The goal of Chainsaw Teams is to be amoung the first responders in a storm situation and assist people whose houses were damaged return to their homes.  The first goals are to remove limbs from rooftops, entrancesThrought the generosity of the people of FBCA we were able to purchase and outfit a disaster responce trailer equiped with all the tools and equipment necessary to serve.

To learn more and how you can be part of the Chainsaw Disaster Relief team call me at 903-675-5135 #113

Steve Akin

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