Core 104 Team

Prayer is at the core of all that Jesus did, and we want to carry His example through all we do.  Our CORE 104 prayer ministry is made up of a team of people committed to interceding for those who attend our services and provide leadership each Sunday morning.  So many people come through the doors at First Baptist Church on a given Sunday morning, and we believe God has a plan of salvation, freedom, healing and life for each of them.. Music is just music and a sermon just words without the power of the Holy Spirit. In John 15, Jesus says we are to abide in him for apart from Him we can do nothing.  All significant life change must come through the working of God’s Spirit in peoples lives.  James 4:6 says we have not because we ask not.  Over and over again through scripture Christ says, “ask in my name and it will be done for you.”  We are crying out to God to move in Athens and we believe prayer is at the Core of all He does.  We believe God is calling His church to commit to a LIFE of prayer as we ask God to heal our land.  (2Chron 6:19) BE APART OF OUR PRAYER NETWORK on Sunday mornings!

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