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Core 104is the heartbeat of our every Sunday morning.  Core 104 is made up of 3 specific groups of people who pray for 1 hour on Sunday mornings for our vistiors, congregation, Pastor, music teams, BFG teachers, and much more.  There’s a group that prays at the 8:30, 9:30, and 10:30 hours of our church.  The CORE 104 prayer ministry an opportunity for our people to spend dedicated time interceding for those who attend our services and provide leadership each Sunday morning.  Every time our church doors are opened we want people behind the scenes covering our leadership, visitors, and church in prayer. James 4:6 says we have not because we ask not.  Over and over again through scripture Christ says, “ask in my name and it will be done for you.”  We are crying out to God to move in Athens and we believe prayer is at the Core of all He does.  We believe God is calling His church to commit to a LIFE of prayer as we ask God to heal our land.  (2Chron 6:19) BE APART OF OUR PRAYER NETWORK on Sunday mornings!

Contact Lisa Collins if interested

Below you’ll find a PRAYER request wall.  Submit a prayer request to be prayed for by our team on Sundays!

Prayer Request

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