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At FBC Athens we acknowledge that worship is more than what takes place on a weekend service while we sing songs.  The apostle Paul states in Romans 12 that living our LIFE as a living sacrifice is our spiritual act of worship. Though there are many definitions of worship, we simply define it as the way we act towards that which we value most.  As a whole every ministry in our church is about worship.  Student ministry, Senior Adult ministry, outreach and missions, Children’s Lodge, all exist to worship God and encourage others to worship God.


 The Worship and Media Ministry

Our worship ministry exists to lead others into the presence of God where they can respond appropriately to God’s greatness and glory and be changed into His likeness.  We want to help you and others experience God and develop a life of worship. Jesus, in the story of the woman at the well, teaches us that God desires for us to worship in Spirit and Truth.  That is, he desires worship from our minds (theology) John 4:23;  He also desires worship with our emotions and affections (doxology) Isaiah 29:13.  With the songs we sing, whether up- beat and celebratory or slow and contemplative we believe that singing to the Lord is not optional but commanded for His glory and our JOY ( 1  Chron 16:23-35; Ps 66:1-2; Ps 97:12; Phil 4:4).  Music can reach where words cannot go, and our heart is that we could with all our resources and abilities- create an atmosphere of praise where people could behold the glory of our awesome God and be powerfully transformed (2 Cor 3:18)

Get Involved:

    • Contemporary Worship Team- Musician, Singer (Wade Huggins ext 136, wade@lovingtheworld.com)
    • Drama Teams- Lodge/Contemporary Service/Special Events (Lisa Collins ext 136)
    • Adult Choir- 8:30 service (Kathryn Overmoe ext 103)
    • Joy Choir- Senior Adult Choir (Steve Akin ext 113)
    • Handbells (Steve Akin ext 113)
    • Children’s Choir- (ext 136)
    • Technical Crew- Camera Operator, Lighting Crew, PowerPoint and Visual Ministry, Set Up crew, Audio Techs (Wade Huggins ext 136)

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To be a part of the worship/media ministry is to partner with a group of people committed to Christ personally and committed to seeing God glorified in all things.  It is also to partner with a group of people dedicated to using their God given gifts, talents, and knowledge to bring honor to His Name.
To be a part of this team is to enter into a leadership position of ministry within the church and a commitment to adhere to the expectations of that position.

If you are interested in any of these possibilities as a way to serve our church we would love to talk to you.  Contact our minister of Music and Media

Wade Huggins- 903-675-5135 ext. 136 or wade@lovingtheworld.com


or fill out the FORM below

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