Media Ministry

Media has become a powerful tool to connect with this generation. All of our corporate meeting rooms are equipped with sound, light and video capabilities and require people who love to be behind-the-scenes and still know the value of bringing all the technical pieces together. We want to ensure that people have the best opportunity to clearly hear the message and be led to worship God.

The Need

Since Audio/Video/Lighting/Web is a behind-the-scenes type of ministry, it is easy to forget that it even exists. Even so, if its volunteers all stayed home, even for one weekend, church-goers would instantly understand what a vital part this ministry has in making a service possible.

The Sounds

The reason why Audio is so important is that it enables the gospel to be preached and bands to proclaim the goodness of God over eight times a weekend in front of thousands of people with the assistance of technical sound systems that can’t run them selves.

“Without this ministry, you would have to struggle to hear what anyone was saying on stage. The band would have to be really simple, just a piano or an electric guitar, but you wouldn’t be able to hear the vocals.”

The Sights

The visual aspect of this ministry is also necessary to show the expressive and charismatic body language of those who are leading us. This helps plant the message into our minds as well as the use of sermon notes, and supporting videos on the screen. The purpose of this ministry is all about enabling more people to hear and see the gospel, whether in church, at another campus, or through internet broadcasting.

“Speakers, cameras, and video screens bring large crowds of people up close and personal to the Message.”

“One of the most rewarding parts of our jobs is the altar call at the end of the service…seeing people get saved and feeling like we’ve had a small part in making that happen.”

Interested in getting involved with one of our teams?

Here are some of the things you could get plugged into:

Live Production

* Camera Operators
* Computer Presentation Operators
* Sound Engineers
* Video Mixing Operators
* Lighting Operators
* AVL Directors
* Stage Crews for Special Events

Web Ministry

Video and Design Production Teams

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