Medical/Dental Ministry

FBCA is blessed to have dedicated medical professionals who use their occupation for ministry.  Doctors, dentists, nurses and pharmacists travel each year to host medical clinics throughout the world.  Some projects are as short as one or two day of clinic at an impoverished Coloina along the Texas/Mexico border.  Other projects may last for 10-12 days as we might travel by dugout canoe up a river in Nicaragua or hold clinics on a mountain top in Ethiopia.  Often, we encounter a child desperately in need of a simple injection of antibiotic or an adult that needs minor surgery to prevent a greater problem.  

We are convinced that each time we travel, lives are saved.  Also, on each medical team we need people who are not medical professionals to serve in support ministries.  There are a dozen important jobs that are necessary to operate a successful clinic.  There is a place for anyone on a medical or dental mission trip.  Everywhere we go, the Gospel is shared by devoted national evangelists.  If this field of ministry touches your heart, see Steve Akin to learn how you can become involved in Medical and Dental missions.

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