When you walk into The Lodge on Sunday, head down to the new Lodge Cafe and enjoy a cup of fantastic coffee while your children play in the Treehouse.  There are two Keurig coffeemakers and over 70 different coffee varieties.  From Jet Fuel to Donut House to Hawaiian Hazelnut, there is sure to be the perfect choice.


This Sunday, we begin our Summer Schedule for the Lodge and Treehouse.  The Treehouse will now open at 9:15am – before 9:15, the Lodge and Treehouse will be closed so that all of our actors and teachers can make their final preparation for the morning.


After The Lodge performance and teaching time are complete, parents are now in
vited to remain in The Lodge and spend time with other parents focusing on how to reinforce the monthly virtue at home.  Previously the Parentlink class met in CORE 300, but starting this Sunday, parents have a new space inside of The Lodge.

Don’t miss all of the exciting new things in The Lodge this summer.  With all of the activities competing for your family’s time, make the decision to make Sundays at The Lodge a part of your family’s weekly routine.  Countless studies show that even a simple step like laying your clothes out on Saturday night can dramatically increase the likelihood that your family will get up and going on Sunday morning.  Whatever works for your family, we hope to see you at The Lodge this Sunday.

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