Athens Churches Together

Community churches are coming together to help out in many ways in South Texas. Here's how you can be a part.


Pray for the teams being mobilized to go and serve. Pray for safety and success. Pray for the local churches devastated by the storm. Pray for the families, the children, the homeless. Cover South Texas in prayer with us.


Gifts big and small can make a huge difference in this long road of restoration. 


There will be small teams leaving and we are looking for people to go and help out. Contact Stephen Akin at or give him a call or text 903-603-4989.

Bucket Initiative

Our community has come together to assemble and send as many clean up buckets that we can.

Simply give a designated $75 for a bucket to be assembled or put one together on your own. Buckets can be dropped off at First Presbyterian or First United Methodist during the work week. 

Clean Up Buckets: (Value $75)

1 - Gallon bucket with resealable lid
5 - scouring pads
7 - sponges, assorted sizes
1 - scrub brush
1 - box dry laundry detergent, 45 oz
1 - liquid concentrated household cleaner (like Lysol) 12 oz
1 - bottle liquid disinfectant dish soap (like Dawn) 21 oz
1 - pack clothes pins
1 - clothes line (50-100 ft)
5 - dust masks
1 - pair work gloves
2 - pair latex rubber gloves
1 - roll heavy trash bags (24-28 count)
1 - bottle insect repellant (pump, no aerosol)
18 - reusable cleaning towels, (like Easy Wipes)