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This section is a weekly blog by Pastor Kyle


Three weeks ago, a couple in our church was about to head to South Korea. They are nearing the end of  the adoption process. We were praying with them and touring the nursery they have prepared for their son. We were looking at books on the shelf.



I was sitting in the meeting. The room was a little warm, the speaker was a little boring (God’s revenge on preachers), my back end was tired from sitting and my mind started to wander. I looked out of the room and watched humanity walking down the street–large and tall, young and old, male and female. I doodled on my paper.




Relativity Thursday was a great day. I got to attend and participate in the dedication of the portrait of James Pinckney Henderson. He was the first Governor of the State of Texas and the man for whom our county is named. He lived an amazing life and is a true Texas hero. He came to Texas to help in our revolution. He rose quickly to command and then into the government. He served as Attorney General of the Republic of Texas, and then as Secretary of State.


Shadow is learning how to ride a skateboard. She got a book of tricks for Christmas and I let Caedmon Stapper help pick out the next trick I was going to teach her to do. We’ve been working on it for weeks and I’m getting a lot of exercise.




I know this makes a bad person, but I just have not had the heart to take the tree down. I’ve had plans a couple of times to do it, but things just keep getting in the way and I love to sit and look at it.


It has been a long week.
I’ve been dreading it for days. Last fall I had a bad tooth ache and went to the dentist. He confirmed that I had a fracture in my tooth that went down to the roots and that the tooth was a loss. It could not be saved. Eventually, the pain would get bad enough and I would have to have it removed. That day was Friday, January 16. The pain finally won. I rushed to the dentist the following Monday after a long restless weekend. That led to a consultation with an oral surgeon on Wed the 21. The last step was the actual extraction on Wednesday, January 28.




We pulled up to the garage door and pushed the open button–nothing. I hate when that happens. We pushed the button again because it felt like if the button was pushed harder then maybe the opener would work. Still nothing.


I read about the comet last week. I tried a couple of times to see it, but it was overcast. Last night, I went to take the trash out and marveled at the stars. It was a beautiful, cold night. As I headed back up the driveway, I remembered about the comet. I stared into the night sky expecting to see the bright streak in the sky, just like the pictures. After a while, I grew cold and disappointed. I could not find C/2014 Q2 (its official designation, but more commonly called Comet Lovejoy).




To start the new year I have launched on a couple of new adventures. One, on Wednesday night I am going to do a series on the top 25 books (other than the Bible) in my library. Each week I will pick a book, introduce it and connect it to the Scripture. I will also be bringing other honorable mentions each week. This last week I talked about Henri Nouwen’s book, In the Name of Jesus.  It was a great evening.