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We like to take our dogs for walks at the Cain Center. They enjoy the run and we need the exercise. We have discovered that one of our dogs likes to climb trees. There are two trees in particular that are natural ramps that make it easy for her to scamper up into the limbs.

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Every five years the church allows me to set aside some extra time for renewal, study and refreshing. In 2008, I went to Africa and studied culture as we began intense efforts to work in Ethiopia. My first sabbatical, I studied in Oxford. Next week, I leave for several weeks of writing and study in San Francisco.

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Moses 1—Golden Calf 0. This week during VBS, we have been living through the wilderness wanderings with the twelve tribes of Israel. We saw God part the Red Sea and take us to the promised land. He provided quail and manna to feed us. The Amalekites were defeated as Moses’ arms were held in the air. We remembered the longest night, Passover, and thought about the blood of the lambs and the blood of the Lamb. We concluded with the Ten Commandments.

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It’s the week before VBS and all through the house not a creature is sleeping, not even the mouse. Our dogs look bleary eyed as their normal 20 hours a day of sleep has been rolled back to 16 –17 hours. Cindy has been working like a Trojan and I have been trying to help her. It is usually one of the longest weeks of the year.

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I came upon the lizard. He tried to blend into the rock. He kept telling himself, “He can’t possibly see me.” His breathing went to nearly zero. His creepy little eyes rotated around keeping his gaze locked on my every move. I wanted a better picture; he wanted nothing to do with me. I stood still. I could hear his mother screaming at him, “Run, run, run”, but this little lizard wanted to live on the wild side, and tried to hide in plain sight.

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I’m trying to visit all of the Presidential Museums. I have bagged 7 of 13. Last week pushed me past the 50%mark. Each one tells a different story, a different time in America. So far, each have had some replica of the working office of the president. It’s hard to imagine the pressure that must be felt in that office each day. I have looked at the detailed schedules of presidents. It is mind numbing and soul crushing. Every minute seems planned.

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Senior Sunday is an all out immersive experience at FBCA and it takes a huge team to make it happen. This year, we wanted to communicate Ephesians 4:14-16. Our theme is having a deep keel. In the brainstorming sessions, we decided to decorate the sanctuary with a sailboat.

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Last week concluded the Children’s Missions and Choir Program for the semester. As a celebration, reward, and incentive, we take the kids to the Caldwell Zoo in Tyler. It is one of my favorite days each year. The day started great with our outdoor baptism celebration (if you have not checked out the photos at, you should. They are fantastic).

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Posted by on May 23, 2014 in Pastor's Weekly Newsletter | 0 comments By examining the graph above, it can be seen clearly that the two lines move together. One is a measure of cheese consumption. As it rises, so do deaths, but not deaths related to food or diet, but sheets. Sheets become more deadly as we eat more cheese. Who knew? Maybe cheese makes people sleep more

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Cindy and I got to go with the Generations group to visit the Wetlands Center, just west of Crandall. Hwy. 175 crosses the East Fork of the Trinity River and there is a huge wet area. I remember when it was being built. It looked like ants pushing around balls of dust, then, big puddles of water.

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