Student Ministry – Authentic Youth


The Student Ministry of FBC Athens (Authentic Youth) exists for students and their families.

We seek to provide an authentic place to grow, live out, and struggle with faith. This is a safe spot for students to come and be real.

We embrace our imperfections and yet believe God is calling each of us to a different way of being in this world.



MIDWEEK – Wednesday’s 7-8 

Gathering of students (6-12th graders) who come together in the middle of the week to worship, play, and learn together. It happens on Wednesday’s in the Recreation Outreach Center (ROC) across the street from FBC Athens sanctuary.

 Bible Fellowship Groups- Sunday’s 9:30-10:30

Every Sunday morning at 9:30am in the ROC students gather in age appropriate classes with adults who seek to guide students to Jesus. We use the XP3 curriculum, which allows us to break up our Sunday mornings into 15-minute increments in hopes of capturing and holding students attention.


Mission Trip – Several Yearly Trips:

Each Spring Break, summer, and sometimes at Christmas our students engage in cross-cultural situations that allow us to serve and share the Gospel of Christ. We believe that a students life can be changed as they are introduced to a world in need.

 DNow (Disciple Now) – April 24-26, 2015

This is a weekend where students are welcomed into the homes of FBC Athens members with a college student leading Bible studies and activities in the home. Many opportunities are given to students to worship God and serve our Henderson county community. Every grade is split (by gender) into these incredible host homes. This is the biggest weekend of the school year for students

 Camp – June 8-12, 2015

The frist week of summer we join forces with some like-minded churches and head to Riverbend Retreat Center for our summer camp. Students stay is cabins and enjoy small groups, rec, worship, and speakers. It is a great time to grow and get to know new friends!

 Parent Summit – January 25, 2015

We believe that parents are the central figures in a students spiritual life. Therefore, we provide opportunities to learn about adolescent culture, grow as parents, and find practical ways to parent.

 Fall Retreats

In the fall we take a Middle School Fall Retreat and a High School Fall Retreat (separate weekends). We travel to a retreat center, which allows students to get out of their normal routines to reflect on the things of God.

 Internship Program

Each summer the Children and Student Ministry hire 4 college/seminary students to join our staff for the summer. They live on our church campus and spend their time working to perfect our programs and growing with our staff. It is an incredible way that FBC Athens invests in leadership development.

 Global Leadership Summit – Youth Spot

Each year FBC Athens is a host site for the Willow Creek Association Global Leadership Summit (GLS). People from all over east Texas descend on FBC Athens. In addition, we have a comfortable (youth friendly) room for students to express themselves to the inspirational talks given at GLS.

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